Oscar Adler has had a successful sales career spanning nearly 40 years with a major organization in the competitive consumer products field. Now, a principal of a consulting firm Silent Selling, he counsels job seekers in one-on-one coaching sessions, and small group seminars. He also does workshops on sales training, and customer service.

Oscar translates the tools and techniques he mastered as a sales executive and training expert into a set of teachable interview skills that can be used by job seekers in every industry and every level. His approach draws on his experience teaching candidates how to determine the needs of each interviewer, substantially improving their chances of getting a job offer. Oscar has even taught past offenders how to interview upon release from jail.

He is the host of a Comcast TV interview show called Adler’s Alley, and author of SELL YOURSELF IN ANY INTERVIEW: Use Proven Sales Techniques to Land Your Dream Job (McGraw Hill), which aims to help make the job search process less daunting. The book teaches readers how to successfully present themselves in interviews, and more importantly, answer the question interviewers are looking for: “What will you do for me?”